Hemorrhoid Banding: Painless & Proven

We use the CRH O'Regan System it's a fast, painless and proven non surgical hemorrhoid treatment. The system involves placing a tiny rubber band around the base of the hemorrhoid. The banded tissue then shrinks and falls off within a day or so, usually without you noticing. Most patients require three treatments, one per hemorrhoid column.

What to Expect

On Hemorroids
  1. What are Hemorrhoids?

    Hemorrhoids are common, by age 50; half of all people will be affected by hemorrhoid symptoms. Hemorrhoids are cushions of swollen tissue and blood vessels in the lower rectum, which begin to bulge down through the anus, causing itching, bleeding, swelling, and prolapse. These hemorrhoids are caused by constipation, straining, pregnancy, etc., and can be painful and unpleasant. Too often, hemorrhoid (commonly misspelled as "hemroid") sufferers spend endless time and money on home remedies, such as a creams, suppositories and warm baths, getting nothing but temporary relief. Hemorrhoids can also get progressively worse over time.

  2. Do you really need to treat your hemorrhoids?

    Left untreated, hemorrhoids often get worse over time - and therefore harder to treat, possibly requiring surgery. In addition, some people experience hemorrhoid-like symptoms when they actually have a more serious underlying gastrointestinal condition. If you have experienced reoccurring bouts with hemorrhoids, you may want to consult with your doctor to see if you should have a colon cancer screening, or a colonoscopy. Typically, adults over the age of 50 should get one at least every 10 years, or more frequently if your family has a history of GI issues.

About the Procedure
  1. Is there an Office Visit - Procedure Evaluation?


  2. Should my colon be empty before the procedure?

    No, your colon does not need to be empty.

  3. What is the average procedure time?

    30 seconds - 1 minute

  4. Is there any sedation for the procedure?


  5. How much time should I take off of work?

    Patients average 0-1 days, and most patients return to work the same day.

  6. Should I expect any post procedure pain medications?

    You should not feel pain after the banding but you may feel pressure at the rectum. This will subside after a while. If you do experience pain, then you should call the office to inform the doctor.

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